Aquatec Raptor Divers Knife (Blunt or Pointed)

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The AQUATEC Raptor Dive knife is perfect for diving, camping, and survival. The silhouetted one-piece dive/activity knife is getting more and more popular. The advantages of this type of one-piece knife blade is its thin profile and less weight to make it more portable, but the drawback is that it is difficult and awkward to hold. The Raptor Dive Knife has solved this problem by having an ergonomically shaped handle with a thin plastic insert to give the handle a very comfortable feel.

Quickdraw and Reinsert:

AQUATEC Raptor Dive Knives special design of its quick release and lock mechanism which is located on the top portion of the sheath can be accessed easily and operated by a single hand. Simply push the button to draw the knife, and push the knife all the way down when reinsert. A click can be heard if the knife is completely locked.

The AQUATEC Raptor Dive knife comes with a complete set of mounting hardware:

  • The hard sheath has a positive click lock that prevents the knife from being removed until you depress the release.
  • It has a mounting on the back of the sheath to which you can attach any of the mounting accessories that come with it.
  • There is a hose clamp that will allow you to attach it to your console hose.
  • There is a plastic plate that will allow you to attach it to any flat surface on your BCD, such as a strap or pocket flap.
  • There is a belt clip that will allow you to attach it either vertically or horizontally to any strap.
  • It comes with stainless screws that allow you to attach the various accessories.
  • The main differences will be that the stainless model will be heavier and will require that you keep it clean after use to prevent corrosion. The stainless model was made of high carbon steel to ensure an extremely sharp edge.

Scuba Gear Technical Information:

  • Material: 304 Stainless steel.
  • Overall Length: 170 mm (6.7 inch).
  • Blade Length: 80 mm (3.15 inch).
  • Blade Thickness: 4 mm (0.16 inch).
  • Weight: 75 g (knife body).
  • Standard Accessories: Sheath, Hose Clip, BC Mount.
  • KN-170SP: Pointed Tip.
  • KN-170SB: Blunt Tip

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Aodan Barrie (Ullapool, GB)
Good product

Very good knife, I bought in conjunction with the leg/arm strap, it’s turned into a good set up.

Great service ordering from here. Quick and easy, brilliant team and very fast delivery. I would definitely recommend and I would order from here again.

John (Plymouth, GB)
Very Efficient Service

Competitive pricing, straightforward online ordering and super fast delivery. I have noted all this for future purchases.

Does the job

I was looking for a knife that is small and that would help me if I ever got in any trouble with line and ropes whilst snorkelling. I’m far from a professional snorkeler but I do enjoy searching for bits and bobs in the sea. So far, in the few weeks that I’ve owned it this knife has done just fine, I haven’t lost it and it isn’t showing any signs of erosion. I seen in the description that it was 3.15 inches long on the blade and I thought I’d take a gamble and get the tip less version and that it would sit just under 3 inches, which it did. I went for the tip less version as I thought the only thing I’m likely to stab out there is myself re sheathing it. The first time I used it under water I wasn’t sure if I’d heard the click that happens when I sheath it but with a little tug I knew that it was in solid. I have quite large hands and I wear gloves and the knife fits in my hand well and is usable

The only thing I would change is making the slits for putting a strap through wider and maybe extending the sheath behind the knife handle to accommodate a second strap, I find that it moves around a bit when I swim quite fast. I’m happy with this knife in general, it fits the budged and will do the job

If anything changes in the next few months hopefully I’ll be able to update this review but it does seem like a decent bit of kit


Really really good knife

Lauri Smith (Chesterfield, GB)
Great quality fast delivery

Impressed with the quality on arrival