Scuba Diving? Here Are the Items You Need

Scuba Diving? Here Are the Items You Need

Scuba diving is a recreational watersport done by people of all ages and genders across the globe.

Did you know...The word SCUBA is an acronym for Self-contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Christian J. Lambertsen coined the term in 1952.

Today, scuba diving prevails in every corner of the world. Everyone wants a holiday, an escape into the solace of the sea by diving head first into the sea.

Do you wish to hop on the trend for the waters to reclaim your spirit? Then this blog is just the guide you’re looking for. 

Scuba diving must-haves

Whether a newbie diver trying to revel in the outlandish waters or a pro navigating the subtle intricacies of diving, this list of scuba diving items is your go-to prerequisite.

  • Dive computer: A dive computer is a storehouse for real-time diving information. It assesses the depth of your location and time spent underwater and tells you how long it is safe underwater. 

Dive computer


Wetsuit: A good quality, well-made  and good-fitting wetsuit makes for a safe experience underwater and will keep you warm - get in touch for help choosing the correct type for your needs.

You can pop in here to our Borehamwood store to try them on, or we can post them (we offer free returns on exchanges). Maybe order a couple of sizes and return the one you don't need.


Diving maskA high-quality scuba diving mask is a must-have just like all the items on this list are. A good fit will mean you can enjoy your snorkelling or diving experience without water leaking through. Pop-in and try our various styles and shapes. We can get pretty much any colour you want so it ties-in with the rest of your dive or snorkel gear.

Diving mask
    Scuba tank: Also known by its alias diving cylinder, a scuba tank is carried by the divers. It is used as a sealed container manufactured to store compressed breathing gas. We can fill cylinders here in Borehamwood as we have a compressor.
        Regulator: While the function of the scuba tank is to store breathable air, the regulator, put simply allows you to breathe the air which is stored in the tank.


          Scuba compass: Even for someone who can master the craft of scuba diving, navigating in the waters can be quite a challenge. So, you must carry a compass at all times while underwater. As there is no such thing as underwater or waterproof GPS, a compass is what you should carry to get some insight as to which way you should take to be in the clear.

          Scuba compass
          Depth gauge: A depth gauge is a scuba diving equipment that serves the purpose of measuring heights and depths of things underwater — grooves, protrusions, etc. Simply put, it enables you to be at an exact location with exact depth. Furthermore, it is also used to measure the depth of voids and intervals on a reference surface.
          Submersible pressure gauge: This device enables you to monitor the amount of gas remaining in your scuba tank. This further lets you know how long it is safe to remain underwater. 
          A pair of fins: Always look for a pair that presents efficient performance while maintaining comfort. Lots of research goes into the different types of fins and how they perform when you kick, so read-up on what would be best for you, or feel free to get in touch and ask, or just pop in and see us!

          Alongside all of the above, there are a few more useful scuba diving accessories too. You need to add a dive knife, line-cutter, underwater slate, underwater lights, and so on to your diving gear to make this activity safer and more enjoyable.