Scuba Diving and Snorkelling - the stuff you'll need...

Scuba Diving and Snorkelling - the stuff you'll need...

Scuba diving is an inclusive, welcoming and accessible pastime. With people travelling often to warmer climes, the desire to explore the big blue, or even just snorkelling in the shallows has become a very cool thing to do! So much to see, and to learn about - from underwater ecosystems to keeping our oceans free from plastic.

Many people enjoying the underwater experience as an escape from the stresses of everyday life.

UK diving is also so popular - whether it's a wreck dive, a dive along the UK rocky coastline, or even inland diving in places such as quarries. With the correct gear there is no reson to feel cold, and the rewards are incredible.

If you are unsure but feel the "urge" to get started, come and see us at our Borehamwood Dive Shop and we can help you get what you need. Nothing pushy, just honest advice that suits your needs or your budget.

Most people who start to dive or snorkel regularly will be keen to start building up their own equipment so here are a few tips and guides to get you started.


A Good-Fitting Diving Mask

Your mask is your window into the underwater world, therefore you will want it to be right. 

Choosing a mask should be a considered purchase, face size and shape, hairline and facial hair all affect how well your mask will fit. 

The clue is to put on the mask but not to put the strap around your head, and breathe-in throw your nose to see if a good seal is formed. We can help you with all of that, so just pop in.

Equally frame or frameless, clear or black silicone, two lenses or single lens are all important factors too. That all just depends on personal taste, so try some on and see what feels good.

Our advice is to come a visit us in store and ensure you buy a mask that you a truly happy with and will give you may hours of enjoyment.


A Snorkel

Essential to snorkelling and equally for diving, having a dependable snorkel that feels nice is key to giving you confidence in the water. Colour coded to match the rest of your gear of course (or just so you know who's is who's!).

We have an extensive range that you can pair with your mask.

Diving Fins

To push yourself through the water a good fitting pair of fins are essential. 

Traditionally snorkelling fins tended to be full foot fins whereas diving fins tend to be open heal and worn with a boot. 

Fins come in a variety of styles and often include several different materials. 

Fins should fit snugly, not too tight that they start hurting your feet after 20 minutes but not too lose that they feel they are going to fall off with each kick. 


A Dive Torch

No longer are diving torches just for those who are seeking the explore the inside of wrecks or only dive at night. 

A good quality torch can illuminate cracks and cervices in reefs and rocks during the day too. It is truly a must-have.

Also, for those looking to capture their dives using a camera a light will help to make those colour pop. 

We have a variety to choose from be it a compact spare to a bright primary.  


A Dive Knife or line cutter


A dive knife is of course a knife wielded by the divers but not as a weapon.

A dive knife or line cutter can be useful for a variety of reasons, from cutting fishing lines and ropes that inadvertently get entangled around marine life causing damage, to being using to free yourself or a buddy who have become tangled. 

A compact dive knife is also a snorkelling accessory that serves the same purpose.

A Good-Quality Wetsuit or Drysuit

Whether you are a warm water holiday diver or a year-round UK diver the correct exposure sure will keep you warm and comfortable and make your dives so much more enjoyable. 

There is now a huge range of wetsuits and dry suits to suit all budgets. We have loads hanging up here, so you can try some on, and see what feels best.

No matter if it’s a 3mm shorty for a tropical holiday or 5mm full suit for more all-round diving. 

If it’s a wetsuit, drysuit or undersuit for cold water diving we have got you (literally) covered.


A Compass

A compass is a relatively inexpensive item that you will begin to rely on more and more as you develop into a more independent diver. 

Good navigation skills are paramount for those thinking of taking their training down the pro route. 

But any diver should be confident in using a compass to safely navigate their way around a reef or to a pick-up point.

Both scuba diving and snorkelling are extremely fun and effective ways to destress and rejuvenate yourself as well as making new friends who share the same passions as yourself.  

Call, email or pop-in and speak to us - we are here to help and love questions. No question is a bad question - just ask us!