How to clear your dive mask whilst under the water

Clearing your dive mask underwater is an essential skill for every scuba diver. It allows you to remove any water that may have entered the mask, ensuring clear visibility and a comfortable diving experience. Follow these steps to effectively clear your dive mask underwater:

1. Stay Calm: Maintain a relaxed and composed state of mind. Panicking can lead to inefficient clearing and potential mask flooding.

2. Prepare: Before attempting to clear your mask, ensure you are in a stable and balanced position underwater. Maintain control of your buoyancy and hold onto a stable object if available.

3. Partially Flood the Mask: Tilt your head backward slightly while exhaling gently through your nose, allowing water to enter the mask. This partial flooding creates a space for the subsequent clearing process.

4. Position your Mask: Tilt your head forward and look downward while simultaneously lifting the bottom edge of the mask slightly. This positioning helps direct the air flow to the lowest point of the mask.

5. Exhale through your Nose: While maintaining the position mentioned above, exhale gently through your nose. The exhaled air will rise to the top of the mask, creating pressure that pushes the water out through the bottom edge.

6. Monitor the Clearing Process: Keep your eyes open and observe the water clearing from the mask. It may take a few breaths to completely remove the water, especially if there is a significant amount.

7. Test the Seal: Once you have cleared the mask, ensure it is sealed properly against your face. Press lightly on the upper part of the mask to verify a secure fit and prevent any further leakage.

8. Resume Diving: Once you have successfully cleared your mask and confirmed a proper seal, you can resume your underwater exploration with clear vision.

Tips for Successful Mask Clearing:

- Practice: It's important to practice mask clearing in a controlled environment, such as a pool or calm water, before attempting it in open water or more challenging diving conditions.

- Maintain Control: When clearing your mask, focus on maintaining control of your buoyancy and body position. This will help you stay calm and prevent any unnecessary movements that may hinder the clearing process.

- Equalize: If you feel pressure in your ears during the mask clearing process, it is likely due to unequalized air spaces. Remember to equalize your ears frequently by gently pinching your nose and exhaling through it to relieve any discomfort.

- Communication: If you are diving with a buddy or in a group, establish clear hand signals for mask clearing to ensure effective communication and safety underwater.

Remember, mastering the skill of clearing your dive mask underwater takes practice and experience. Regularly practicing this technique will improve your comfort level and help you handle unexpected situations while diving.